Have you Heard of House Party™?

What is A House Party™ ?   A House Party is thousands of parties across the country, hosted by people like us. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends. 

We host. Everyone wins. House Party lets us share the stuff we like with the people we like, through a fantastic, free party experience. What’s the catch? There is none: Their partners understand that if they share something good with the right people in a fun way, we’ll all help spread the word. 

What’s inside the party packs?  Each event has a unique Party Pack filled with all kinds of free stuff to make your party a success. We’ve thrown all kinds of events: TV Viewing, Wine & Chocolate Pairing, Kid-centric, you name it.

How do I join and become a Host?

It’s as easy as 1 — 2 — 3


    Sign up to be among the first to learn of new host opportunities.

    (As new parties are launched, you’ll get an email announcement linking to the online application)

    When a new event is open, you’ll be invited via email to come back to the site to complete a host application.

    (Thousands apply, and space is often limited. Your application will be reviewed and hosts will be selected and notified)
  3. PARTY ON!

    If chosen as a host, you’ll get an email confirmation walking you through the steps of setting up your party site.

    (There, you’ll send email invitations to your guests, manage your RSVP’s, upload photos and videos, join the national event party blog, and gain access to great party resources.)
    I’m so excited because we got picked to host Pull-Ups® Potty Dance Day House Party™  I love Parties.  Any type of party where getting “free stuff” is an option, I’m there!  I party for a living so what’s one more night with friends and family?  Its FUN! Gives me a chance to show off my cabinet makeover as well!   Everyone’s Invited Click here for more info:   Welcome to the party and get excited!  As you all know, potty training can be uneasy for our little ones, getting together and sharing our own experiences and some insightful tips will bring relief. Food and drinks aren’t so bad either.  This is perfect timing as Nina will be just about 19 months on March 5, the date of the party.  She is starting to show interest in the potty.  I’m hoping it is warmer in March, I think having Nina in dresses will help with the potty training mission.  I trained both boys in the summer, so they could “let it all hang out”.  As always, House Party out does themselves with terrific host party packs to help have a fantastic parties.  This party pack features great pull up coupons, music download freebies to play “do the potty dance,” DVDs on how to potty train your lil’ one, brochures on how to help, potty dance mats and a really cool photo key chain.
    This is the second House Party we were chosen for.  The first was Star Wars, Clone Wars Party.  The boys invited all of their friends from school.  The kids ran around outside, played Star Wars Trivia, and were giggling like school girls the whole night!  We made chocolate covered light-sabers, decorated, and the boys had light-saber battles and good old fun!  It reminds me of when I was a kid, all parties were at home, we had some snacks, juice and cake.  We ran around played outside and had FUN!  These days you can’t go anywhere to have a party under $300, it is an event.  I’m looking forward to showing my kids you can have just as much fun at home rather than spending a million dollars somewhere else.  Without being rushed out, yelled at, or treated like a number!  
    I’m asking everyone to bring their favorite dish, no theme just kid friendly!  I will keep you posted when it gets closer to Potty Time.  If you have any potty training hints please feel free to comment, it’s been 8 yrs since I’ve done this.  And I don’t remember much of anything lol.

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