Tupper Lover’s Tupperware’s Freezer-Mates Complete Set Lotto



How Fun is this, Tupper Lorrie’s Fan Page is hosting a Tupper Lover’s Complete Freezer Set Lotto!  Pick a square from 1-50 for only $2.  Winner will recieve Tupperware Freezer Mates Complete Set, an $102.50 value!

Completely organize your freezer

Eliminate the clutter and waste of freezer bags. The modular, stackable design of this set makes organizing any freezer easier. Each container’s rounded corners and recessed bottom allows maximum airflow for faster, more efficient freezing and thawing. And the flexible containers and seals ensure easy removal of frozen foods.

Set includes:
• Four exclusive 4-oz./110 mL Mini 1s.
• Two 1-cup/250 mL Small 1s.
• Two 2¾-cup/650 mL Small 2s.
• Two 2¼-cup/550 mL Medium 1s.
• One 6-cup/1.5 L Medium 2.
• One exclusive 13-cup/3.1 L Large 2.
• Freezer Label Dispenser and roll of 180 labels.


Freezer Mates® Complete 13-Pc. Set
$102.50 value

Tupper Lorrie pays shipping and tax!  When all 50 squares are purchased I will draw a winner via random.org.  Leave a comment with your paypal email address here or on Tupper Lorrie’s Fan Page!  Don’t miss out on the Fun! Click the link below to see what squares are available! Tupper Lorrie Pays Shipping!  If these lotto’s go well I will do one a month with a high price set!  So share away, the faster they fill up the more I will hold.   Click link below to see what numbers/squares are available for purchase. International residents may enter but will be responsible for the shipping to receive their prize.


Tupper Lovers Complete Freezer Set Lotto


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