The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge; Day 2

The people that make my world go round.  Well this is pretty simple the people who make my world go round are…my family.  I remember the feeling as if it were yesterday, I had given birth three days prior.  But those last few minutes still at the hospital with my first born were the most eye opening minutes in my life.  It all hit me at once, a few moments before we were discharged.  They are letting me out of this place with this baby who is totally dependent on me.  I had realized in those final moments that this was it.  This was the feeling everyone told me about.  The feeling that is just unexplainable.  Something no book can teach you, something no expert can tell, you, and something you just cannot prepare for.  As the nurse is asking questions about car seats and safety, I am simply thinking about how much I love this little person.  So much that if someone were to ask, how do you feel, my response would be, ” I love this little human so much I would die for him/her.”  That’s it!  I would do anything in the world to protect and give this baby any and everything I possibly can.  In those last final moments at the hospital,I suddenly understand how much my mother loved me, and her mother before that.  Suddenly for the first time in my life, it all makes sense.  I know that no matter how unprepared I may feel, that the ONLY thing that matters is that I am now willing to do any and everything possible to make this little creature that has been in my belly for the last nine/ten months to make him or her Happy!

I realize that anything that has happened in my life before this one moment, just was not as important as this. None of the awards I have won, or people I have met.   That no moment hereafter, will ever be as special as this.  I suddenly understand now what love is.  Love is unselfish.  Love is an incredible feeling.  No feeling has ever come close to this.  As i look at this little face, I am amazed and I feel love just radiating off of his little body.  Nothing else matters not before this.  It is now my goal to provide for my family at all costs.  It is now time for me to show the type of mother I am.  It is now my goal to never think of myself again quite the same.  I am no longer Lorrie, I am now Mom from this moment forward.

Now that our family has grown, I have managed to feel this amazing feeling 3 times.  Not any less, not any more but 3 times total, the most amazing feeling ever!  No matter how many things have changed in our lives since the first.  It is a feeling I would love to go back to.  It is the most powerful feeling in the world to know people depend on you.  That you litterally have the powrer to make someone happy, or sad.  That you are to boo-boo fixer, or the homework helper. You are molding your children to be good citizens of the earth.  There are times when being a mom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  However just going back to that first day always puts it into perspective to me.  No matter how grown-up my kids may be, they still depend on me.

What I don’t usually realize is that I depend on them just as much.  With just a smile or a simple thank you,  I realize I need to be needed.  And with that I grow, and become better.  A better mother, a better wife, and a better friend.  Without knowing what real love is, I would never be able to grow in any aspect of my life.  My children have shown me what it is to love unconditionally and I just do  not know where I would be without them in my life!  Sometimes we need someone to depend on us.  Sometimes with all of the multi-tasking we do in life, we need to realize why we are working so hard.  What are we working so hard for?  To be good examples on how to live a life of love.  The easiest way to do this is when someone depends on you.  I know I never want to let them down.  My family depends on me, and I depend on them to need me, to show them the way.  I realize things may change that one day they may not be as dependednt on Mom.  But when they do, I will be here for them.  Ready to offer a solution or a helping hand.  Not to be judgmental but to love only the way a mother can.

My family is my life and it starts with realizing just how much they need me, and how much I need them.


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