Goals and Dreams: Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Warts

Great Article written by Michele Corey.  Michele Corey, partners with women to build their courage muscle and learn to say no to others more often so they can have more and more of what they want every day in their personal and professional life.  Discover her musings on Smart Goal Setting from the Inside Out.

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When it comes to your goals and dreams it’s important that you are not afraid of your warts because they can be your dream makers to the career and work that you find perfect. Your warts are  the real you, with all your uniqueness that clearly comes through when you are in sync with your true self.  Warts are the, “here I am just like I intended” no matter what everyone else thinks.

People tend to think of warts as a bad thing.  When it comes to smart goal setting that helps you discover the perfect career or business opportunity, warts are an easy to remember analogy.  They are your unique wants and needs that you may be afraid to stand on the mountain top and yell from your lungs and fully claim.

If you don’t fully express and claim what you want more and more of everyday, you won’t get it.  You’ll also notice that your tolerance level for others having what you are really wanting drops.  You may find yourself being less patient, spending more time on the internet and avoiding the work that is right in front of you.

5 Ways You Can Tell You are not Expressing and Claiming Your Dreams and Goals?

  1. You find yourself more concerned about what others are thinking about your individual dreams and goals for your career and life.  Do they “fit” what others deem good? You may notice you create or re-arrange your dream and goals based upon this information.
  2. You have an opportunity to share your big dream with a group of people, but when it comes time you go mute, because you’re hearing a voice tell you that “it’s not enough” or some other version of these words.
  3. You create an amazing story for what you really want deep down inside, but when it comes to telling others you find you keep “editing” your story and notice that you really are not THAT interested in the new version.
  4. You build up your courage muscle to share a piece of your dream with a good friend. Instead of them nodding and encouraging you they have turned into a “nay sayer” and are telling you it’s too big, too different, you’ll never be able to do it in this life time. So you stuff deep down inside what you really want and feel your inner passion drying up.
  5. When the alarm rings in the morning you find yourself thinking about the snooze button more often.

These are some common “reasons” I hear that make “warts” look scary.

It’s time for you to stop playing small and play to win – you want wear your warts proudly.  Your warts could be bright red leather boots that make you feel like a million dollars when everyone else is wearing the current shades of brown and black with their skinny pants.  It could by you choosing to quit your job that drains you for one that fills you with passion when everyone tells you this is not the right economic time and you’re lucky to be working in a well paid field.

When you play big your life is suddenly bigger and more interesting and filled with more and more passion and energy.

YOU + YOUR UNIQUE EXPRESSION = WARTS (what makes you different and amazingly wonderful)

How can you get clear on what you really want and build up your courage muscle to say yes to yourself more often?

Step 1: Foundational Clarity

You’ll want to start with gaining foundational clarity. What do you really value? How do you get more of this in your life every day?

Step 2: Tell Your Big Picture Story and Dream

Tell your story like you really mean it. What does it look like? How do you feel? What are some of the bigger goals you’d want to  happen to start making this story true?

Step 3: What Makes you Unstoppable?

A story is a story and a dream is a dream until you write down your strategy and first steps to help you gain momentum

Step 4: Daily Inspired Action

Did you hear that daily!

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

It’s as easy as washing your hair. This isn’t just a one hit wonder, it’s about leveraging you and your amazing uniqueness – your warts that once seemed scary or out of reach.

4 Questions to set you in motion

  1. What do your “warts” look and feel like?
  2. What’s stopping you?
  3. What’s one step you could take to help you wear your warts more proudly?
  4. What is the date you are willing to take this step?


via Goals and Dreams: Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Warts – Money Wise Women – – Forbes.


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