What Makes You Happy

Happy Hap
Students at Yale University at their HappyHap meeting!
Check out their new blog:
Sunnie from the HappyHap Club at Yale has introduced us to a wonderful person she met one weekend in Boston. He is Mario Chamorro, the founder of The Happy Post Project. Their mission is to spread happiness around the world. To do this, Mario and his team are attempting to collect 100,000 post-it notes, all with the answer to the important question, “What makes you happy?”
Mario believes that happiness is contagious, and that when happiness is spread, it has the power to empower others and create great and positive social change.

Sunnie recently had the opportunity to talk to Mario and ask him how he got his project started. Mario’s story is certainly an interesting one: he lost his job due to the economy and ended up homeless and jobless in New York City.

He stated that his mother always told him, “The darkest part of night is just before the dawn,” so with hope, he moved to Boston. On the train ride, he had plenty of time to think, and he asked himself what he liked to do, what he was good at, and what was his “super power.”

He decided what he loved the most was making people happy, and so he decided that was going to be his new life mission.

To do this, Mario talked to friends and strangers and got himself a team of people dedicated to spreading happiness around the world. Within 30 days, they had set up a website (which, according to Mario, was absolutely necessary for his project to get off the ground).

The Happy Post Project itself came out of Mario asking strangers at a bar to write on a napkin what makes them happy. He found people to be responsive to this, and the Happy Post Project was born. They advertised on social networks and through other means, and currently have about 9,000 of their Happy Posts. With dedication, bravery, and an optimistic attitude, Mario and his team are generating great social change.

Find out more by clicking here:


So, what makes you happy?  I mean really happy?  I’d have to say when people compliment my family.  Although it may seem like I’m raising a bunch of wild animals (from my posts).  When we all go out together, my kids are on!  I love getting compliments on their manners and how they treat other kids.  Makes me feel like I’ve done something right, even if they are animals at home lol!


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