FREEBIE: Personalized Elmo Song for Your Child

As some of you may know, we are big Elmo fans over here, and by we I mean Nina and I.  Alec was obsessed with Bob the Builder-me not so much, with Jullian it was Sponge Bob-me sometimes.  But Elmo, well who doesn’t love Elmo.  So I was Psyched to find this Elmo Freebie!!  To the other non-Elmo lovers in my family…get your earplugs, I have a feeling you are gonna be hearing this one A LOT!  (And to my non-children having friends, I know I need to get a life)

How fun!

FREE Personalized Elmo Song for Your Child Enter the code: myelmo

Huge thanks to Budget Savvy Diva (if you haven’t checked out Budget Savvy Diva, run-she rocks!)

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