Mothers Weekend

So it’s Mothers Day Weekend.  Yes weekend, why settle for only one day when you can get the whole weekend?  We deserve it right?  For all of the sleepless nights, spent chasing monsters from under the bed.  For cleaning up soiled sheets, puke, pee, diareaha, you name it, we clean it.  For all of the senseless driving back and forth (sorry earth), to school for the lunch/snack/homework assignment/sneakers etc. your kids forget throught the years.  For volunteering at your childs school for the millionth time and seeing your kids face when they spot you helping out.  For taking those extra steps to make our childrens birthday parties better than the last.  For buying that wii/xbox/basketball hoop/power wheels/American Girl Doll, even though it will be a struggle to pay your bills next month because of it.  For putting their needs before our own at every turn.  For the many sacrifices we as mothers make.  Yes we deserve it, heck maybe we deserve a Mothers Day Month.  With all of the horrors that come with motherhood, there are some amazing rewards.  Just sneak into your little ones room tonight (quietly, like only a mother can do) and watch…there is something about a sleeping child that makes me smile and puts it all into perspective.   What does it for you?


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