How did I get here?

How did I get here?  A little about me, Lorrie Eubanks aka “Tupper Lorrie”. I was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey.  Although I have spent two weeks of every summer enjoying the “Jersey Shore”,  I am nothing like any of the characters.   I grew up with divorced parents, who were loving and caring.   My grandparents were also a very big part of my life.   I attended Catholic school from Kindergarten to 12th grade.   I met the love of my life, AJ Eubanks aka “AJ Tattoo” at a bar named Take it Easy.   We married shortly after in the year 2000.

We were blessed with our first son, Alec on Valentines Day 2001.   We also opened our 1st Tattoo Studio in 2001.   Unhappy with the location and other partners lack of creativity we sold that studio.  We started hunting for a new location for a different kind of  tattoo studio.  New Jersey’s Zoning laws make it very difficult to open up tattoo studios.  The ones that are already established have been grandfathered in.  Unfortunately Body Art Estblishments still have a negative stigma surrounding them.  Not having any luck finding a new location for studio number two AJ decided to work from home just in time for our second sons birth.   Jullian arrived on Easter April 21, 2003.  ( My husband refers to me as the Holiday Hunter!) , I had a lot of help raising our new larger family. At first it took some getting used to but shortly after I never wanted him to return to work.

As the economy got worse and the boys got bigger, our bank account shrunk.   I decided to go back to work at Penlar Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician.  I loved the job but was having trouble balancing motherhood and work. In the mean time an opportunity came up a for my husband to open a tattoo studio, locally, in Lawrenceville NJ.  We created the studio of our dreams, from the ground up. It is called AJ Tattoo.   I wasn’t feeling well and was worn out. Surprise, found out I was preggo with baby #3!   I continued to work up until the last day of my pregnancy, Nina arrived by the Dr. calculations 7 weeks early and by my calculations right on time.  Our third child, Nina was born, on August 17 2009.  We were overjoyed to have a little girl to add to our family.  Finally dresses!  Okay maybe I was overjoyed about the dresses.

I went back to Penlar Pharmacy 6 weeks after Nina was born. I hated it, here I was overjoyed with my baby girl, and I was rushing back and forth from work. House work was totally neglected because AJ wasn’t home and I wasn’t there. When I was home we were rushing from one activity to the next. I couldn’t find a reliable baby-sitter. I was spending more on gas than I could believe and decided it would be easier and cheaper if I just stayed at home with the kids.

Fast forward to December 2010.  The shop is doing well (well for this economy) we moved into a beautiful little house in Hamilton Square. Our yard is huge and the kids are happy here.  I am involved in every aspect of the boys school.  But money was tight, so tight we would sometimes have to choose which bill we were going to pay and which one would be paid late.  The boys are in Catholic school and are so happy there I don’t want to take them out. (although AJ does every single day) So I was complaining to my friend about money when she asked me if I would like to join Tupperware with her.   I have always loved Tupperware and didn’t know of any local consultants.  I figured I could at worse case senerio get discounted product.   So I said yes, yes I do want to sell Tupperware!  She signed me up and that night I set up my free website.  I posted on my Facebook and boom!  The rest is history.

In the first month I was number 4 in my organization for personal sales.  I love that I can stay home with my children and still contribute to the family income.  I also enjoy getting out a few hours a week and speaking with people over 3 ft tall lol.Currently I am enrolled in Tupperware’s Fast Track to Director Program.   I will be attending Tupperware’s Jubilee Celebration in Disneyland this August, and am so excited! There are so many opportunities in this business I am going to take advantage of them all.   I want to grow my team and give everyone the opportunity my friend gave me.

I have self-confidence now, I have an excuse to put on that make-up and brush my hair. I’ve traded my sweat pants and slippers for nice suits and heels…and I’m loving it!



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