Weekend Freebies

Here is a list of some Freebies available this week! Please note that these offers are available while supplies lasts, and they can be pulled anytime. If you are interested in any of them, get ’em now, because they could go fast!!! Have a great weekend!

:: Health/Beauty

*Fiber Choice Sugar Free Chewable tablets Here (costco members)

*Osteo Bi-Flex One Per day Formula Here

*Garnier Fructis anti-dandruff shampoo Here

:: Baby/Kids

*Exederm baby care Here

*Goodnites underwear Here

:: Home

*Shout Color Catcher Here


**Check for coupons at Coupons.com., Red Plum, and Cool Savings!

Fun FREE Family Events

May 7th- Borders: Throne of Fire release party, 2pm (get a free lego set)
May 7th- Home Depot: Build a tulip planter, 9am -noon

May 7th- Lowe’s: Build a Heart Flower Vase, 10 am
May 7th- Toys R Us: Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu Training Camp, 12pm- 2pm

May 7th- Jo-Ann Fabrics: Paint a garden stake and craft a homemade card, 11am-1pm
May 7th- Michaels: Make a custom scrapbook page for Mother’s Day, 10 am-noon

Thank you, Tips From a Mom


Free and Cheap things to do in New Jersey this Weekend

For New Jersey Residents:  Here are some free and/or inexpensive family activities for this weekend.

Saturday, May 7: Fishing Derby at the Grover Cleaveland Park in Caldwell-Essex Fells, NJ.  Bring a fishing pole, bait, and a bucket and try to catch your own fish! Registration begins at 8am, derby begins at 9am.  This event is free. Click here to find out more.

Saturday, May 7: Kite Day at Terhune Orchards. Bring your own kite, buy one in the store, or make your own and test it in the wide open pasture. There will also be music, wagon rides and activities for the whole family.  10am – 5pm. This event is free. Click here to find out more.

Saturday, May 7:  Super Science Saturday at New Jersey State Museum Bring the entire family for a day of hands-on learning and fun. Explore the many fields of science with more than 20 exhibitors representing astronomy to zoology and everything in between. Encounter new worlds beyond our galaxy in the Planetarium. Our resident Dinosaur Hunters will also be there to share their most recent discoveries.  11:00am – 4:00pm.  This Event is Free!

Saturday, May 7: Spring Fling and Rescue Pet Fashion Show in Princeton. This event features pony rides, a petting zoo, paintable birdhouses, flower pots, Sparkles the Clown, and a Rescue Pet Fashion Show with adoptable dogs. 11am – 3pm. This event is free. Click here to find out more.

Source: NJ Family

What I really want for Mother’s Day. It’s not flowers

According to the National Retail Foundation, spending on Mother’s Day flowers alone this year could hit $1.9 billion. That’s a lot of money spent on something that will die in a week, or in my case most likely a day.  I like flowers don’t get me wrong and I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I’d like to skip the flowers this year.

So what do I want (besides the handmade gifts the kids make at school, they always are my favorite)  Why not Me-time Saturday night and Sunday — as in, a hotel room. My very own hotel room. Doesn’t have to be an expensive one, although it sure would be nice to order room service, while sitting in my robe — in complete silence.  Maybe even gasp…read a book!  Without being interrupted.  Wow!  I am to be contacted only in extreme emergencies, (not the, we can’t find any of  Nina’s sippy cups variety-hmmm where could they be?  Did anyone check in the cupboard?) If a hotel is too expensive, how about taking off with the kids and leaving me in the quiet, quiet house?

This is what I secretly dream of every Mothers Day.  Why secretly?  Well I just can’t bring myself to tell my husband and or kids that my ideal Mothers Day would be hiding from them for an entire day.  Guilt immediately sinks in, even as I write this post.  (Darn Catholic school)  Most likely they will get me flowers and make me breakfast in bed,  I will end up smiling and acting like the black toast is the best toast I ever ate.  I will get stuck cleaning up the aftermath of the breakfast in bed.  I will find the vase, wash it and try to keep the roses alive.

I am lucky to have my beautiful three children who get true delight out of “surprising” me with breakfast in bed, and beautiful flowers, and a husband who thinks he is the most thoughtful gift giver.  (Don’t worry, I really don’t think he reads this lol)  So I continue to day dream of the perfect mothers day alone.  Maybe one day I will get the guts to tell them how I feel.  Or maybe someone will anonymously send him a copy 😉 😉

FREEBIE: Personalized Elmo Song for Your Child

As some of you may know, we are big Elmo fans over here, and by we I mean Nina and I.  Alec was obsessed with Bob the Builder-me not so much, with Jullian it was Sponge Bob-me sometimes.  But Elmo, well who doesn’t love Elmo.  So I was Psyched to find this Elmo Freebie!!  To the other non-Elmo lovers in my family…get your earplugs, I have a feeling you are gonna be hearing this one A LOT!  (And to my non-children having friends, I know I need to get a life)

How fun!

FREE Personalized Elmo Song for Your Child Enter the code: myelmo

Huge thanks to Budget Savvy Diva (if you haven’t checked out Budget Savvy Diva, run-she rocks!)

FREE 5 Pack of Zyrtec

FREE 5 Pack of Zyrtec

Do you suffer from allergies like I do? Zyrtec is offering a coupon for a FREE 5 pack or $7 off a larger pack. You have to qualify by filling out a short form, but it was very easy and they said I would receive my coupon in 4-6 weeks. Click here to request your coupon.

Thanks Chi-Town Cheapskate.

Tinyprints: Free Mother’s Day Card

It’s back for a limited time. Update with a new code.

This is a Hot deal! Tinyprints.com is offering up a FREE Mother’s Day Card – We hear these cards are really nice. Shipping is Free when you send the card to yourself, if you want to send to your recipient you will need to pay .44 for postage. There are546 designs to choose from and136 of them are photo cards. Just Use Code: MDGIFT

Hurry on over and like the Tiny Prints Facebook Page for all of the details!

Thank You Mojo Savings.

The Coolest Coloring Pages, Starring Your Kids

main img1 The Coolest Coloring Book, Starring Y O U

This make-your-own coloring book tutorial from Photojojo is making its way around the blogosphere, and it’s such a fun rainy day activity for kids. Every kid loves coloring pages — imagine how much they’ll love coloring themselves! The best part is you just need a basic photo editing program — even the one that comes with your computer.

need milk1 The Coolest Coloring Book, Starring Y O U

The entire coloring book process takes four steps (including printing), and is easy even for a photo-editing novice. And then you have incredibly unique (and free) coloring pages for kids, which you can staple into a family album coloring book. Cool, right?

See the entire coloring book tutorial over at Photojojo and make your own printable coloring pages.

Thank You michellehorton

What Makes You Happy

Happy Hap
Students at Yale University at their HappyHap meeting!
Check out their new blog:
Sunnie from the HappyHap Club at Yale has introduced us to a wonderful person she met one weekend in Boston. He is Mario Chamorro, the founder of The Happy Post Project. Their mission is to spread happiness around the world. To do this, Mario and his team are attempting to collect 100,000 post-it notes, all with the answer to the important question, “What makes you happy?”
Mario believes that happiness is contagious, and that when happiness is spread, it has the power to empower others and create great and positive social change.

Sunnie recently had the opportunity to talk to Mario and ask him how he got his project started. Mario’s story is certainly an interesting one: he lost his job due to the economy and ended up homeless and jobless in New York City.

He stated that his mother always told him, “The darkest part of night is just before the dawn,” so with hope, he moved to Boston. On the train ride, he had plenty of time to think, and he asked himself what he liked to do, what he was good at, and what was his “super power.”

He decided what he loved the most was making people happy, and so he decided that was going to be his new life mission.

To do this, Mario talked to friends and strangers and got himself a team of people dedicated to spreading happiness around the world. Within 30 days, they had set up a website (which, according to Mario, was absolutely necessary for his project to get off the ground).

The Happy Post Project itself came out of Mario asking strangers at a bar to write on a napkin what makes them happy. He found people to be responsive to this, and the Happy Post Project was born. They advertised on social networks and through other means, and currently have about 9,000 of their Happy Posts. With dedication, bravery, and an optimistic attitude, Mario and his team are generating great social change.

Find out more by clicking here:


So, what makes you happy?  I mean really happy?  I’d have to say when people compliment my family.  Although it may seem like I’m raising a bunch of wild animals (from my posts).  When we all go out together, my kids are on!  I love getting compliments on their manners and how they treat other kids.  Makes me feel like I’ve done something right, even if they are animals at home lol!

With gratitude to World’s Worst Moms, who has given mommies with deficient parenting qualities, such as me, the chance to shine.

To my dear 6yr-old daughter,  here are 100 37* reasons why your mommy is the World’s Worst Mom:

  1. I secretly think that if only you look more like me instead of your daddy, you’d be a better looking kid.
  2. Do you remember those times when I said I was BUSY? I was busy online shopping.
  3. I keep the best chocolate cookies hidden in my closet so I don’t have to share them with you (or daddy).
  4. The other day, when we were both walking and it suddenly rained, I quickly fumbled to open my umbrella, not because I was afraid you’d get wet, but because I didn’t want to ruin my newly purchased handbag.
  5. I want you to love me more than you love Daddy.
  6. When you were 5 months old, I fed you bitter gourd to stop you from sucking your little fingers.
  7. Whenever I don’t want you to eat something, I lied and told you it’s allergic and it will give you an itchy rash.
  8. I searched the net for pictures of the worst dental cavities ever and told you that’s what’s gonna happen when you don’t brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  9. I refused to take turns and listen to your choice of songs in the car.  I just couldn’t listen to “All the Single Ladies” from the Chipmunks 2 anymore.  In fact, if the CD went missing one day in the very near future, that’s probably because your mommy smashed it to pieces and hide the evidence.
  10. I was so happy when you’re at that age when you were so eager to help out because now I have you to fetch me stuff whenever I was too lazy to lift my butt off the couch.
  11. I lied when I told you, “I’m sorry honey, but your friend from school could not have that playdate with you.  Her mom said she had something planned that weekend.”  First, I never asked her mom.  Second, I simply wasn’t in the mood to have to clean up after one extra child.
  12. I forgot my promises to you because when I made them, I was checking out my friends’ facebook stats on my blackberry
  13. When you asked me questions, and I answered them, half the time I didn’t know what I’m talking about.
  14. I pretended to be deaf  whenever you ask me questions that would require long explanations.  That’s because I’m just too lazy to explain, and why I’m willing to pay $$$ for your schooling.  So that somebody else can answer your questions.
  15. I never volunteer to do anything in your class because I don’t like your homeroom mom and I think she’s annoying and I can’t stand her guts.
  16. I was determined to make you wear that itchy christmas dress–not once, but as many times as possible–because I thought you looked so cute in it and I wanted to make sure I’ve got my value for money.
  17. Same reason why I made you wear that Halloween costume for at least one whole day.
  18. Sometimes I make up rules for you to follow just because I can.  Hey, I’m your mother!.
  19. For the last six years, I’ve been blaming you, not my sweet tooth, for the state of my current waistline.
  20. Every night, when it’s time to read you a bedtime story, I covertly glance at the book you’ve picked.  If it has small fonts and more than 8 pages long, it’s Daddy’s turn.
  21. I really, really hate your super active bowel movements.  How could such a small person produce so much crap?  Believe me I tried, but the smell of your poop… it’s honestly a smell not even a mother could love.
  22. You’re my favorite go-to excuse for canceling my appointments at the last minute: “I’m really sorry, I was just about to leave when my little girl decided to throw a fit right now.  Yes, in fact the little monster’s gnawing on my left leg as we speak.”
  23. I made you drink that extra glass of milk because I was having too much fun at the mall and then realize it’s 4pm and I’ve forgotten to feed you lunch.
  24. I let you play with my Itouch so you would forget that mommy forgot to feed you lunch.  Right up til I can fix you that extra glass of milk.  Then it’s back to “What did I say?  No electronic games.”
  25. That one time (fine, fine! a few times!) I really, really needed some small change. So I stole some from your piggy bank.
  26. I told you that Santa and Tooth Fairy are NOT real.  You were 3 years old.
  27. I always bought your birthday and christmas presents at the last minute because that’s usually when I remembered them.  Which was why when mommy went to the toy store, things were out of stock and most likely you ended up with something entirely different that what you’ve wanted.
  28. While helping you with your homework, there were times when I thought, “God, she’s cute but why is she SO dense?”
  29. I stopped you in the middle of your favorite cartoon when I found out that RPattz (a.k.a. Edward Cullen) was on another channel.  Sorry baby girl, but Robert beats Phineas and Ferb anytime.
  30. I almost took you to watch Twilight because nobody else wanted to watch it for the 5th time with me in the theaters.  Daddy had to remind me that the movie was PG-13, and that you were only 4 yrs old at the time.
  31. I told your daddy: no dating until she’s 18yrs old and forget about marriage until she’s at least 30!  To which he replied, yeah, before you know it she’ll be 45, still not dating, then what would you do? I told him, what’s wrong with that? Sick, I know.
  32. I sat you down for a serious mother-daughter talk on “why little kids cannot have boyfriends.”  This time, you were 5 yrs old.
  33. Then there’s THAT Disneyland thingy.
  34. I didn’t correct you when you mispronounced frog “fug, fug!” because I thought that was hilarious.
  35. Remember when I thought I could teach you how to swim, without professional help?  It began with a very positive, “You can do it, sweetie!”  and less than 15 minutes later you were bawling your eyes out, refusing to let go of the sidebar with me yelling, “If you don’t get down here right now, young lady, you can kiss your dessert goodbye!!!”
  36. I made you sit absolutely still for 1.5 hours, with your head fixed to one side, all because I wanted to practice my french braiding skills.  “But I don’t want my hair braided, Mommy…”  Trust me, you do.
  37. Because in every single time that I’ve listed above, not once did you ever deserve what your mommy did to you

My Kids are Driving Me Crazy

If my many fans (lol) haven’t noticed I have not been posting as much as I’d like.  Don’t cry, I’m here, we are all okay, I just haven’t been very inspired.  I like writing short funny little pieces about my family, my business or just great deals.  However the kids have banned together and have decided I am public enemy number 1.  Yes even the baby.  Why they have all turned on me, I’m not exactly sure.   But there has been a battle in this house and it is 3 against 1 1/2.  (Hubby is here less than half the time I am so I think I’m being liberal in giving him the 1/2.)

Last Monday, I informed the animals, oops I mean children that we had to get the house in order.  I know, how unreasonable of me.  My grandmother will be released from the hospital soon and she is staying with us for a while to get back on her feet.   A lot of work has to get done.  It’s as if I asked the “children” to get down on all fours and scrub the house from top to bottom.  Immediately the whining began.  Can I tell you how much I HATE whining!  So I ignore them and just start picking up.

After an hour of picking up, I notice as usual, I am the only one picking up.  I head into the playroom, my upbeat fun self.  Only to find my sweet little baby girl has created  a “marker masterpiece”. (No not the “Color Wonders” or even the “Erasable”.  I know that’s the only kind of marker that should be in my house with a baby.  But somehow with a house full of artists, that is just not realistic.  If there is one Sharpie in this house, Nina will sniff it out like a bloodhound.  My baby is an artistic mastermind!   Now she wasn’t in there alone.  Her two older brothers ages 10 and almost 8 were in there as well.  When I screamed,  “OMG weren’t you guys watching her?!!!”  I was looked at like I was the crazy person and this was totally acceptable.  It was as if no one noticed a thing.  Many other events like this have happened this week.  Boys running through the house knocking over the dogs water bowls and just leaving a pond in the kitchen.  For one of us (usually me) to slip on.  Fighting and bickering over the most ridiculous things like lines from (stupid)  movies.  The baby, heading into the “terrible two’s tantrum” stage.  She’s decided if I don’t let her have a crayon or marker (or anything else that she wants) she will just bash her head into the wall.  Hmm maybe she’s onto something?

So I did what any veteran parent would do.  I Googled “my kids are driving me crazy”.  I found these tips, what do you think?

Problem #1: My kids don’t listen to me  To expect that kids will listen to you perfectly all the time is an irrational thought. Kids don’t listen and attend to things in the same way that adults do. They can be intensely focused on the activity they’re involved with. Kids will often need you to repeat things a number of times in a patient, pleasant tone. And yes, your job is to be very patient with them.

Of course, be patient with them, very patient.  Hmmm well that is how I started out.  It seems that when I am being patient with them, they gasp don’t have any reaction.  Kind of a blank, what language are you speaking type of look.

It is often the “parental” tone of parents’ voices that is part of the problem when kids don’t listen. After all, who wants to be lectured constantly about what to do? If things still don’t work, take action—kids will respond to action much better than they will to words.

Does it really matter if they “want” to be lectured?  If they just did it I wouldn’t have to lecture.  Took action and they were very happy to see I was the one doing all of the work!  2 pts kids 0 pts  Mom.

Problem #2: My kids aren’t respectful—they talk back and argue too much

One of the problems with not having obedient kids anymore is that kids feel more freedom to speak their mind. This can be irritating, but it’s far better than obedient kids who do what they’re told out of fear. Really?  I kind of like instilling fear.  And I like the idea of an obedient kid who does what they are told out of fear.  Sorry.

If your child talks to you in a disrespectful way, you have choices. One choice is to be angry with them and to actually create more of the very behavior that you dislike. Getting angry when your child talks back to you is a great example of creating your own problems.
A better choice is to ask them what’s bothering them in a compassionate way. Kids will often take out their feelings on someone who they feel safe with—you! And remember that you can tell them in a calm and firm manner that it’s not OK to talk to you that way.

Maybe I am just a mean old b*%tc% but how can you not get angry if a child is disrespecting you?  I believe anger is an emotion that children must see and experience.  Pretending anger is not an emotion is just not realistic.  At least not in my house.

While it’s easy to point fingers at your kids, remember the old saying: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”     Parents who attend to their own issues first will find far fewer “rotten apples” in their tree.

Okay, Okay, I know I should be using my inside voice.  It just seems as if no one hears me when I do.  I know my constant yelling is affecting the baby, as she is always yelling at someone or something.  OOPS!  So I will give it a try.  Today I will be a patient, non screaming, happy go lucky mommy.  I will let you know how horribly it fails tomorrow!  In the meantime any helpful hints you may have, do share!

Find more tips here:  http://www.markbrandenburg.com/25_secrets.htm

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