The Coolest Coloring Pages, Starring Your Kids

main img1 The Coolest Coloring Book, Starring Y O U

This make-your-own coloring book tutorial from Photojojo is making its way around the blogosphere, and it’s such a fun rainy day activity for kids. Every kid loves coloring pages — imagine how much they’ll love coloring themselves! The best part is you just need a basic photo editing program — even the one that comes with your computer.

need milk1 The Coolest Coloring Book, Starring Y O U

The entire coloring book process takes four steps (including printing), and is easy even for a photo-editing novice. And then you have incredibly unique (and free) coloring pages for kids, which you can staple into a family album coloring book. Cool, right?

See the entire coloring book tutorial over at Photojojo and make your own printable coloring pages.

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