Green Works “Reverse Graffiti Video”

As an offical Green Works Product Tester, I’m proud to share this video! Reverse Graffiti For EVERY video view $1 will be donated to Environmental Media Association to support green acts! Please comment below and automatically be entered to win a free product coupon from Green Works!



Hamilton man has season’s first case of West Nile virus |

Just “heard”two children also tested positive in Hamilton, NJ. Mosquito control is reccomending citronella candles. White City Lake ids infested! (was just there yesterday :o)

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Salmonella contamination prompts Florida grower to recall tomatoes

Very Important Recall, just a heads up, my grandmother is currently suffering from ecoli in the bloodstream, it is so very important to wash your fruits and veggies and scrub them.  I remember as a kid picking fruits and veggies and eating without washing.  It should NEVER be done.  E-coli and Salmonella are deadly!

A Florida tomato grower is voluntarily recalling its grape tomatoes after a sample tested positive for salmonella.

Six L’s Packing Company Inc. said in a statement Monday that no illnesses had been reported in connection to the recall as of April 29.

The Immokalee, Fla.-based company says the recalled product was packed on April 11 under the Cherry Berry lot code DW-H in clam shells or 20-pound cardboard containers. The tomatoes were distributed to California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, as well as Canada.

The tomatoes also were used in deli salads made by Tracy-based Taylor Farms Pacific Inc. The salads were sold in Albertsons, Raley’s, Safeway, Savemart, Sam’s Club and Walmart stores across the West and some Midwestern states.

Thanks for the heads up Jay 😉

Margarita Cupcakes for Cinco de Mayo

She has done it again!  Liz, from, Hoosier Homeade gives me such great inspirational ideas, is it possible to love someone you never met?  YES!  If you haven’t checked out her blog yet what are you waiting for.  Was not planning on having a Cinco de Mayo Party, but now I just have too!  LOVE IT!  Here goes:

Not only are these cupcakes perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo…the Margarita Cupcakes would be great for a Summertime party or even a neighborhood get-together in your backyard.

Since the Cocktail Cupcakes I shared last Summer were such a hit, I couldn’t let such a fun holiday like Cinco de Mayo go by without giving Margarita Cupcakes a try!

I baked the cupcakes right in the Margarita glass, and the Cinco de Mayo Cupcakes are topped with free printables from TomKat Studio. The Margarita Cupcake recipe starts with a cake mix…you all know I LOVE quick, easy but spectacular!

Margarita Cupcake Recipe:

  • 1 white cake mix {Don’t forget about Duncan Hines Cupcake Challenge and helping feed hungry children}
  • 3/4 cup margarita mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup oil
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 teaspoon lime peel, grated
  • Juice of 1 lime


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and beat about 2 minutes or until well blended. Divide into cupcake liners or margarita glasses {directions below}

Bake regular size cupcakes at 350 degrees for about 12-15 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

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I found the Margarita glasses at Dollar Tree. Any glass will work, just be sure it’s GLASS, with no plastic on it. Fill the glass 2/3 full, place on a cookie sheet {for stability} and bake at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

After the cupcakes are cooled, it’s time to rim the glass. Dip the edge of the glass in water. Then in colored sugar. I combined light and dark green sugar, that have different textures.

To frost the Margarita Cupcakes, melt frosting in microwave {canned frosting works best when melting} and spoon over cooled cupcakes. You can watch my video on Cocktail Cupcakes, I made these the same way.

Then garnish with fresh lime peel.

For the Cinco de Mayo Cupcakes, I used Wilton Jewel Colors liners to bake in. Color frosting with bright colors, I used pink, yellow, orange and for the teal color, combine blue with a small amount of green. Fill a decorator bag, fitted with a #1M tip and pipe on frosting. The napkins were my inspiration for color and design. Print the toppers, available at  TomKat Studio. Then simply punch them out with a hole punch or cut with scissors, tape a lollipop stick to the back and insert into the cupcake.

20 Things Life Is Too Short To Tolerate

Life Is Too Short

You don’t have to settle, it’s simply a choice you make every day.  If you feel like you’re running in place there’s a good chance you’re tolerating things you shouldn’t be.  It’s time to reclaim your life.

Starting now, stop tolerating…

  1. People who bring you down. – Relationships should help you, not hurt you.  Spend time with nice people who are smart, driven and likeminded.
  2. A work environment or career field you hate. – Don’t settle on the first or second career field you dabble in.  Keep searching.  Eventually you will find work you love to do.  If you catch yourself working hard and loving every minute of it, don’t stop.  You’re on to something big.  Because hard work ain’t hard when you concentrate on your passions.
  3. Your own negativity. – Be aware of your mental self-talk.  We all talk silently to ourselves in our heads, but we aren’t always conscious of what we’re saying or how it’s affecting us.  Start listening to your thoughts.  If you hear negative thoughts, stop and replace them with positive thoughts.
  4. Unnecessary miscommunication. – Say what you mean.  Mean what you say.  Speak clearly.  Ask questions.  Clarify things until you understand them.
  5. A disorganized living and working space. – Clear the clutter.  Get rid of stuff you don’t use.  Read David Allen’s book Getting Things Done for some practical organizational guidance.
  6. Your own tardiness. – Get up 30 minutes earlier so you don’t have to rush around like a mad man.  That 30 minutes will help you avoid speeding tickets, tardiness and other unnecessary headaches.
  7. Pressure to fit in with the crowd. – Oftentimes, the only reason others want you to fit in is that once you do they can ignore you and go about their business.  Don’t conform.  Be you, because that’s the only person you can be.
  8. An unhealthy body. – Your health is your life.  Don’t let it go.  Eat right, exercise and get an annual physical check-up.  The 4-Hour Body is an insightful and entertaining read on this topic.
  9. Fear of change. – Life is change.  Every day is different.  Every day is a new beginning and a new ending.  Embrace it and make the best of it.
  10. All work and no play. – Enjoy yourself and have a little fun while you can.  If you’re smiling, you’re doing something right.
  11. People or beauty ads that make you feel inadequate. – Good looks attracts the eyes.  Personality attracts the heart.  Be proud to be you.  You are already beautiful.
  12. Not getting enough sleep. – A tired mind is rarely productive.
  13. Doing the same exact thing over and over again. – You are the sum of your life experiences.  The more you experience, the more interesting your life story gets.
  14. Personal greed. – Don’t let greed and deceit get the best of you.  Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.
  15. A mounting pile of debt. – Always live well below your means.  Don’t buy stuff you don’t need.  Always sleep on big purchases.  Create a budget and savings plan and stick to them.  Read I Will Teach You To Be Rich.
  16. Dishonesty. – Living a life of honesty creates peace of mind, and peace of mind is priceless.  Period.  Don’t be dishonest and don’t put up with people who are.
  17. Infidelity. – Intimate relationships are a sacred bond – a circle of trust.  If both parties aren’t 100% onboard the relationship isn’t worth fighting for.
  18. An unsafe home. – If you don’t feel safe at home you’ll never feel safe anywhere.  Build a loving household in a safe area that you are proud to call ‘home.’
  19. Being unprepared. – Life is unpredictable.  And there’s a big difference between being scared and being prepared.  Always be prepared.
  20. Inaction. – Either you’re going to take action and seize new opportunities or someone else will.  You can’t change anything or make any sort of progress by sitting back and thinking about it.

And remember, you only live once, but if you live it right once is enough.

Marc and Angel Hack Life


What I really want for Mother’s Day. It’s not flowers

According to the National Retail Foundation, spending on Mother’s Day flowers alone this year could hit $1.9 billion. That’s a lot of money spent on something that will die in a week, or in my case most likely a day.  I like flowers don’t get me wrong and I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I’d like to skip the flowers this year.

So what do I want (besides the handmade gifts the kids make at school, they always are my favorite)  Why not Me-time Saturday night and Sunday — as in, a hotel room. My very own hotel room. Doesn’t have to be an expensive one, although it sure would be nice to order room service, while sitting in my robe — in complete silence.  Maybe even gasp…read a book!  Without being interrupted.  Wow!  I am to be contacted only in extreme emergencies, (not the, we can’t find any of  Nina’s sippy cups variety-hmmm where could they be?  Did anyone check in the cupboard?) If a hotel is too expensive, how about taking off with the kids and leaving me in the quiet, quiet house?

This is what I secretly dream of every Mothers Day.  Why secretly?  Well I just can’t bring myself to tell my husband and or kids that my ideal Mothers Day would be hiding from them for an entire day.  Guilt immediately sinks in, even as I write this post.  (Darn Catholic school)  Most likely they will get me flowers and make me breakfast in bed,  I will end up smiling and acting like the black toast is the best toast I ever ate.  I will get stuck cleaning up the aftermath of the breakfast in bed.  I will find the vase, wash it and try to keep the roses alive.

I am lucky to have my beautiful three children who get true delight out of “surprising” me with breakfast in bed, and beautiful flowers, and a husband who thinks he is the most thoughtful gift giver.  (Don’t worry, I really don’t think he reads this lol)  So I continue to day dream of the perfect mothers day alone.  Maybe one day I will get the guts to tell them how I feel.  Or maybe someone will anonymously send him a copy 😉 😉

Travelocity $100 Gift Card For ONLY $50!!

Pay ONLY $50 for a $100 gift card to book a hotel at Travelocity


Thank You Frugal living and Having Fun!

Travelocity $100 Gift Card For ONLY $50!!

Pay ONLY $50 for a $100 gift card to book a hotel at Travelocity


Thank You Frugal living and Having Fun!

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